Ball is Bae NBA Podcast
Of Returns, Rules, and Rebuilds
January 17, 2023
In this episode of the often tallied #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the first returns in the All-Star game and how KD always manages a teacher's note for it. We march on to introduce some radical changes to the NBA game, and we talk about teams that need to break up and start the rebuild.
(00:48) - In the association this week
(01:08) - Vineet intro
(02:20) - First reaction on 1000 IG followers
(04:31) - First Fan Vote returns on All-Star
(09:23) - Changes to the fan voting format for All-Star
(13:08) - Derrick Rose, the truther
(15:27) - The Kyrie All-Star situation
(18:01) - KD, Giannis, Tatum, and Embiid
(21:11) - Steph, Luka, and Ja
(24:31) - Why does KD get injured during the All-Star game
(26:29) - The Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP Trophy
(27:43) - New Rules in the NBA (thought experiment)
(30:43) - Vineet's reaction to the rules
(34:03) - Vineet talks about the rules he'd bring on
(38:45) - Which teams need to be broken up and rebuilt
(39:52) - Ashwin read something
(42:29) - The curious case of Bam Adebayo