Ball is Bae NBA Podcast
Of Tank, CBA, and Picture
April 12, 2023
In this episode of the often rizzled #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the Tank for Franc process going on in the NBA, and how this draft is the first since 2003 for which tanking makes complete sense. We also discuss the terms of the new CBA and wonder how ethical it is for the NBA to allow gambling endorsements in it. Lastly, we take pictures of the end of the NBA regular season and predict which teams will do what.
(00:00) - Start
(00:17) - Real Start
(00:49) - In the association this week
(01:14) - Vineet intro
(02:35) - Wembenyama dunk
(03:54) - Is the the first tankworthy star since Lebron?
(06:38) - Can Tony Parker convince Wemby to join the Spurs?
(08:40) - Let's take a look at the playoffs/playin
(12:02) - Some Mavs bashing
(14:04) - The new Collective Bargaining Agreement
(17:15) - Vineet's thoughts on the new CBA
(18:18) - Ashwin on the era of positionless basketball
(22:48) - We bitch about three pointers
(27:32) - Should the NBA allow investment in sports betting?
(30:43) - Audience questions