Ball is Bae NBA Podcast
Of Bojack, Feasto, and Resolutions #BallisBae
January 8, 2023
In this episode of the highly anniversaried #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we talk about the state of our early season predictions, and about TV shows that we felt will last till the end of time. We also take a look at the recently concluded Feasto All-India Basketball tournament and some things there that were undesirable. Lastly, we talk about our new year resolutions for Ball is Bae and what promising promises we hope to take on this year.
(00:47) - In the association this week
(01:03) - Vineet's entry
(01:44) - We discuss Archer and other TV shows
(05:44) - Assessment of our predictions
(08:59) - The Sacramento Kings
(15:39) - Minnesota Timberwolves
(18:03) - Feasto All-India Basketball Tournament
(18:34) - Railways Women Team killing it
(22:29) - Sad things in the tournament
(31:33) - Vineet provides a different context
(39:38) - Congratulations, Indian Navy
(42:35) - Reviewing my commentary skills